Who we Are

AltFort Capital derives its name and defines its foundational beliefs from the motto of the Olympic Games – Altius, Fortius, Citius which in Latin means Higher, Stronger, Faster. The motto inspires us to strive for excellence, always and in everything

AltFort Capital is a leading independent advisory firm. Our clients benefit from our professional and competent expertise predominantly in the areas of:
Corporate Advisory
Private Equity
Structured Products
Mergers and Acquisitions
Management of Public Offerings
Strategic Advisory

We operate with a unique concept in which we work alongside our clients to help them achieve long term growth and success. We base our strategy and culture on the basis of ongoing long term relationships with our client, serving the needs of owners, shareholders and managers of public and privately owned businesses as an end-to-end business solution provider

Our team of highly qualified professionals and sector specialists work to offer cutting edge financial advisory and tailored solutions for our clients with a unique independent approach